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Answers for GB/DET, JAX/IND & NYJ/BUF

Green Bay at Detroit 1:00 p.m.

Not only were the Lions unable to cover 6.5, they were unable to win the game.  The good news was the Lions did come closer to the stupid 40 point WR Roy Williams talked about.  In three games, the Lions have scored 37!

Rookie WR Greg Jennings had 3 catches for 103 yards with a 75-yd TD.  He looks like a decent WR to play during the remaining bye weeks.

Ahman Green's appearance on the injury report was only a f0rmality.  He rushed 22 times and caught 8 passes for 63 and 68 yeards respectively.  The touches were reminiscent of the Ahman Green Top 3 Pick Days.  The yards are reflective of the 4th/5th round Ahman Green today.


Jacksonville at Indianapolis 1:00 p.m.

If you sat WR Matt Jones based on his injury status, then good for you.  He was active but did not catch a pass.

Fred Taylor did not have a big game.  He carried 21 times for 74 yards.  This looks like the performance his owners should expect weekly.

Expect Maurice Jones-Drew to get a lot of hype this week coming off a game where he rushed for 103 yards and caught four balls and a TD.

In what is becoming the triumvirate of frustrating RB situations, Jospeh Addai carried the ball three times to Domanick Rhodes' 14.  The Jags shut down the running game again.  (The other two frustrating RB situations are Carolina and Denver.)


N.Y. Jets at Buffalo 1:00 p.m.

So much for injury reports.  Laverneus Coles did play and caught 10 passes.  However, he only had 78 yards as the Bills defense shut down the Jets offense.  

Chad Pennington had the pedestrian performance many expected of him prior to the start of the season - 183 yards with a TD, and the running game was shutdown too - 74 yards on 24 rushes.

But for the turnover disaster of JP Losman, the Bills would have won.  How else to explain a 328 yard passer, 150 yard rusher and two 100+ yard receivers?  

I did see the turnovers coming, though.  None is the first two games was too good to last.  I just didn't expect them to be so costly.