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Week Three Moves

Yahoo! 12

I had Carolina Rb DeShaun Foster starting last week.  This week I moved Chicago RB Thomas Jones to my RB2 and started WR Andre Johnson in my Rb/WR slot.

I am always uncomforatbale making moves amongst the second and thrid tier of players because their performances are less predictable.

Needing some salve for this wound is as likely as it working it out.

Yahoo! 10

I started RB DeShaun Foster over RB Cadillac Williams last week. This week I am sitting Foster and starting Cadillac Williams because of this:

"Are you kidding? They really said that?" Williams asked. "I never heard that, and I know I never heard anything about having all those disc problems, either. I don't know where they got that."

My other alternative is Minnesota RB Chester Taylor, but the Bears defense is better than the 0-2 Panthers.  

Pittsburgh's defense is also starting but that is a result of Dallas' bye this week.


With RB Larry Johnson on a bye, I am starting Rb Chester Taylor.  This contradicts the move I made in one of my other leagues, but that is the nature of the bye week and multiple teams.

And in a match-up move, I started Green Bay WR Donald Driver over Reggie Wayne.  The Jacksonville defense is very good and may shut down the Colt's aeiral attack to the extent that is possible.


I am going with Denver TE Steve Sheffler over the "questionable" Todd Heap of the Ravens.  Here's to hoping a Heap start, if it occurs, yields little more than a TD catch with minimal yards.

I also moved RB Fred Taylor back into my starting line-up at RB/WR and placed WR Troy Williamson on the bench.

I am banking on the Chicago defense giving Troy Williamson problems with an extra focus following his 102 yards receiving last week.  Let another Viking receiver hurt them.

I want to start WR Matt Jones but I am going to play his start cautiously while gambling that Pittsburgh WR Cedric Wilson gets on track during a fierce battle with Cincinnati.

Due to the bye, I am starting the Cleveland defense against the inep...conservative Baltimore offense.  It is a hunch play, but during a bye, that is what teams are forced to do.

And finally, I dropped Titans QB Kerry Collins for his back-up Vince Young.  I believe the switch is much closer than Halloween.

Of the four teams, I am least confident in my SBN team.  And given the unpredictability of fantasy football performances during bye weeks, I'd be not the least bit surprised to see it do the best.