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Russ Martin Or...

One of this off-season's player debates will be the Dodger's catcher Russ Martin versus the Rockies catcher Chris Iannetta.

Both players will be 24-years-old in 2007 with Russ Martin having the edge in MLB and minor league experience.

Both catchers are known for the minor league OBP. Martin walked 78 times in 2005 and 72 times in 2004. Iannetta drew 48 and 51 BBs in the 2006 and 2005 seasons, respectively, with 100 fewer ABs.

In the minors, Iannetta looks to have slightly more power. He out-homered, -doubled, and -tripled Martin in those comparative seasons. Again in 100 fewer ABs each time.

And in 57 September ABs, Iannetta has drawn 9 BBs for a .382 OBP versus Martin's .356 OBP in a considerably more reliable AB sample.

In Martin's favor is he has improved his extra-base power by hitting 10 HRs, his 2nd highest professional total, and 24 doubles which match his high, and three triples which is a professional high. heck, it doubles the number of career triples he had previously.

He is also a solid play for 8+ SB in 2007. I'd expect that to diminish in a couple years as he is only successful about 2/3 of the time now. More major league wear won't allow enough attmepts to crack double-digits if his rate decreases at all.

The main difference between the two players next draft will be one of perception. Russ Martin coming off such laudatory articles like "Martin Has The Attributes of a Great Catcher" by ESPN's Jerry Crasnick will have a premium attached to him.

Chris Iannetta will fly under the radar and is likely to provide the same production sans SB as Martin for half the price - if not a quarter of it.