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Starting Line-Up from the Four AL Play-Off teams

I know the four play-off entries from the American league are not set in stone, but I am confidant in assuming they will be the Yankees, Tigers, Twins and A's.

From that group, I will put together a 25 man roster to see if a likely winner emerges from this fantasy team.

Starting line-up:
C :  Joe Mauer      Twins
1B:  Justin Morneau Twins
2B:  Robinson Cano  Yankees
SS:  Derek Jeter    Yankees
3B:  ARod           Yankees
LF:  Craig Monroe   Tigers
CF:  Johnny Damon   Yankees
RF:  Bobby Abreu    Yankees
DH:  Jason Giambi   Yankees

SP1:  Johann Santana   Twins
SP2:  Justin Verlander Tigers
SP3:  Kenny Rogers     Tigers
SP4:  Dan Haren        A's
SP5:  Chien-Ming Wang  Yankees

CL1:  Mariano Rivera   Yankees
CL2:  Joe Nathan       Twins
CL3:  Huston Street    A's
CL4:  Todd Jones       Tigers
RP :  Joel Zumaya      Tigers

Who'd I job?  Leave a comment.  The starting pitchers beyond Johann are very difficult to differentiate so I left them off the poll.


Biggest Jobbing

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  • 0%
    SS Carlos Guillen Tigers
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  • 0%
    RF Michael Cuddyer Twins
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  • 50%
    DH Frank Thomas
    (1 vote)
  • 50%
    CF Torri Hunter
    (1 vote)
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