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Questions for GB/DET, JAX/IND & NYJ/BUF

The bye week shuffling begins this week with the San Diego, Oakland, Kansas City and Dallas getting an early rest - too early in my opinion.

Green Bay at Detroit 1:00 p.m.

Update [2006-9-22 18:39:49 by Eric Hz]: Ahman Green is now listed as "questionable" for Week Three with a hurt hammy.

.The linesmakers say the 0-2 Lions can't cover 6 points.  The Lions have yet to score more

than 7.  Are those linesmaker correct in forecasting an offensive breakout versus one of the five worst teams in the NFL or a defensive shutdown of a Brett Favre offense?

Will Green Bay continue to be a good source of WR2s and 3s?  Can Ahman Green make it through a third game without injury?

Jacksonville at Indianapolis 1:00 p.m.

Update [2006-9-23 17:5:0 by Eric Hz]: K Adam Vinitieri is out for Week Three. His replacement, Martin Automatica Grammatica, Is a perfect bye week replacement.

Jags WR Matt Jones is a game time decision. If you have an acceptable alternative, start him. it is better to get 50 yards receiving from the replacement and watch Jones grab a TD than it is to see Jones inactive for the game and you have him starting.

Is the defense as good as the oddsmakers believe by only spotting the Jags 7 points in the Dome?  Will Fred Taylor have a big game and Matt Jones erase all doubts about his status as a WR2?

Does Joseph Addai continue to make obvious he is the better of the Colts' two RB or will the Jags defense make him look like it did Willie Parker last week?

N.Y. Jets at Buffalo 1:00 p.m.

Update [2006-9-24 10:41:3 by Eric Hz]: WR Laverneus Coles appears to be unlikely to play today. With CBs Terrance MacGhee and Nate Clements covering them, expect the Jets remaining receivers to turn into pumpkins this week.

J!-E!-T!-S! Jets!  Jets!  Jets! Nation is getting giddy on consecutive stellar passing games by QB Chad Pennington.  His explanation, the 21st century cure-all:

credits the early success to his offseason workout regimen, which focused on the muscles in his core (abdominals, hips, upper legs)

I wonder if it has more to do with a non-existent running game and opposing defenses focused on letting the J!-E!-T!-S! Jets!  Jets!  Jets! pass.

Buffalo hasn't turned the ball over yet, and I expect that to cease. Also, QB JP Losman has been less-than-spectacular but with no INTS and a 60% completion rates, Bills' fans have to be satisfied.  Will WR Lee Evans' owners feel the same?