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Week Two Moves Recapped

Yuck.  That is my reaction to the moves I made on my four teams.  However, I learn nothing from leaving those decisions unexamined, and no one else can benefit from any mistakes if I don't.

In my Yahoo! 12, I pikced up QB Ben Roethlisberger to augment my only QB, Drew Bress.

That was a decison I stand by, but it hurts that I dropped Green bay WR Greg Jennings who rebounded nicely from his Week one disappointment.

The Yahoo! 10 decision hurt much more.  I sat Cadillac Williams which turned out to be a wise move.  However, I started Carlina's DeShaun Foster in his place instead of Minnesota's Chester Taylor.

Whil I beat myself up, I still recognize that decision was a common pitfall in shallow leagues.  The depth on benches and in the free agent pool will always leave someone who did well unstarted.

In my Beer league,  I didn't make any changes.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the big games from Ronnie Brown. Larry Johnson or Andre Johnson, and ended up losing by six points.

The SBN decisons worked out OK as WR Troy Williamson went for 100 yards in my Swing slot.

What hurt in the the three point loss is I started Cadillac Williams when is at Fred Taylor.  Taylor's 131 combined yards was unexpected, but still would have been enought of to close that gap.

The thing that bother me more is my foe in Week Two had the Buccaneer Defense and it scored 10 points in a 14-3 loss with no special teams scores.  Man!  Life isn't fair!

Overall, I went lost three head-to-head match-ups and remain in 1st in a points-only league (Yahoo! 12.)