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Oddsmakers Signals

The oddsmakers are telling us that no matter how bad the Dolphins played, they're scoring woes are behind them.  As a Ronnie Brown, Daunte Culpepper and Chris Chambers owner, I hope they are correct.

Given the Miami Defense hasn't been awe-inspiring a la Baltimore or San Diego, the oddmakers can only be saying the offense is good enough to roll the Titans. After all Phillip Rivers and back-up RB Michael Turner destroyed them 40-7.

The Patriots are 7-point favorites against the visiting Broncos.  Apparently, the Broncs days as double-digit favorites ended with their uninspiring 9-6 win last week.  The Pats have run the ball extremely well, but I wonder whether their no-name passing game catches up to them at the same time Broncs QB Jake Plummer has an OK game, say 2 TDs.

Surprisingly, an uninspiring Bills offense is considered better than an equally uninspiring Jets offense - NY giddiness aside.  This game would be a classic 3-point home favorite match-up.  Does this presage the collpase of the Cinderella Jets passing game?

Wow!  The Lions are going to shut-out the Packers!  How else to interpret them being 6.5 favorites?  Is this a signal to play the Lions Defense which hasn't been horrible.  

The Jaguars as seven-point dogs in Indianapolis is odd coming off a shutout of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the ESPN's highest-rated program ever.  Is the Indy game, a new division rivaly and an early season battle for 1st place, considered a letdown game for Jacksonville?

The biggest surprise is the Saint's as three-point dogs in the first Monday Night Football game at the Superdome since it was the sight of all sorts of barbarous reporting following Hurrican Katrina. The oddsmakers are saying the Falcons college-esque emphasis on the running QB and a good defense (With a (no-surpise to Jets fans) injured John Abrahams) will be too much for the Drew Brees/Reggie Bush-led offense.

(FWIW, how bad is the Indiana football team to be a slight 1.5 favorites against a UCONN team that lost at home to Wake Forest as 6-point favorites?)