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Answers for WAS/DAL & PIT/JAX


With a longest reception of 24 yards, Redskins QB was unable to connect deep which is a waste of the speed in the Redskins receiving core.  if there was another option, maybe we'd see the onset of the Amrk Brunnell Watch.

As expected, the Skins second-string RBs were unable to run effectively against the Cowboys defense (the one that performed as touted preseason.)

QB Drew Bledsoe did a much better job this week helping his team.  2 TDs and no INTS is all he needs to do to keep his job.  heck, I'm not convinced Parcells would sign-up for no INTs every week with no TDS.

Julius Jones also look better with 94 yards on 20 carries.  Unfortunately, Marion barber punched in a goal line TD.

T.O broke a finger, and Terry Glenn rewarded those owners who took him instead of T.O.


The Steelers started appendix-less QB Ben Roethlisberger, and unfortunately, he was unable to generate any offense whatsoever against the Jaguars defense.  Charlie Batch couldn't have done worse.

In his defense, Fast Willie Parker didn't help with just 20 yards of production in ten carries.

As for the Jaguars, the news was all good for their offense, albeit an offense with considerably lower expectations for its starting RBs and WRs.

Fred Taylor ran for 92 yards and caught three balls for 29 yards - a very nice showing in yardage leagues given his lack of goal line touches and the Steelers defensive performance the prior week versus Ronnie Brown.

Former Arkansas QB Matt Jones in just his second season as #1 wideout caught six passes for 73 yards.  He is a solid WR2/3 play depending on league depth.

And was that former 1st round bust, Reggie Williams, looking to streak past the other 1st round R. Williams in Detroit, with 8 recpetions for 95 yards and 14 for 142 on the short season?