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Answers to AZ/SEA, STL/SF & KC/DEN


Kurt Warner came back to Earth with a pedestrian 231 yards passing and 1 TD.  Unfortunately, unless Edgerrin james can be the Edgerrin james who played in Indianapolis, this type of mediocre game will crop up every couple games, I fear.

Yesterday James gained 64 ards on 18 carries.  A nice percentage improvement over the previous week's RPG, but that's just spin.  He's got to do better.

As for the Seahawks, WR Darrell Jackson had the kind of game that will dispel any concerns over his surgically repaired knee.  A 49-yard TD reception amongst his 5 receptions and 127 yards is just what the doctor ordered.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Seattle Deoin Branch is forced to play the role of NE David Givens to DJax's NE Deoin Branch?

Burleson?  Burleson?  Burleson?



The Rams are going to have to wait until the Sunday after Thanksgiving to find out whether they will beat the 49ers this season.  The team did, however, score a TD from the three-yard line.

Interestingly, Steven Davis carried five times while Stephen Jackson carries 22 times.  That wouldn't quite be a workhorse's load.

TE Jim Klopfenstein caught two passes, and WR Kevin Curtis "hauled" in three for 13 yards.  There is little reason, outside of injury, to believe the Rams possess any receivers besides Holt and Bruce who are worthy playing.

49ers QB Alex Smith didn't have a great day on a completion/passess thrown basis.  11-22 is pedestrian, but he did throw for 233 yards.  I'mm going to pack away my Alex Smith Snide Comments kit for the time being, and also go out and see if I can grab Antonio Bryant in my more shallow leagues, and Arnaz Battle in the deeper ones.  Unfortunately, TE Vernon Davis did not catch a ball, but as long as Alex Smith maintians his current standards, he's a decent play.

RB Frank Gore erased my doubts.  29 carries and 127 yards is what I'd expect from a workhorse back.  (I am now aware that a 18 carries 45 yard game is in the making!)



Rb Larry Johnson did his part in helping the Chiefs withstand the onset of the Damon Huard Era by rushing 27 times for a 126 yards and catching 5 balls for 41 yards.  Tony Gonzalez did little, but it is possible he was too far down the filed for the dink-and-dunk game that KC coah Herm Edwards so frustratingly employed in New York.

While Jake Plummer didn't toss three interceptions, he did throw one with no TDs.  Rookie QB Jay Cutler could match that, but I don't think "experienced" QBs lose their jobs to rooks in Week Two based on his performance.

And the Denver Defense has yet to give-up a TD in two games.  Obviously, the six FG bonanza (for Jeff Wilkins owners) last week was a much better effort than the L implies.

Tatum Bell got 16 carries and Nine Fingers Bell got 13.  TB did catch two balls to 9B's one, but the touches are too close to allow FFers to feel secure that Shanahan won't do something....odd.