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Answers to NYG/PHI, OAK/BAL & TB/ATL


Giants QB Eli Manning did a great job against the Eagles - 31/43/371/3!  I'd say he did as well as his brother, but Eli needed OT to pile-up the stats. (Ouch.)

Brandon Jacobs had five carries for 35 yards.  he is worth watching and grabbing the moment Tiki Barber gets hurt, but you knew that already.

Very happy to see Dante Stallworth have a second consecutive WR1-esque game.  I'm beggining to have visions of T.O. 2004 season with the Eagles.

As for Correll Buckhalter, blech.  6 carries and 6 yards is something Dan Marino could do.  Well, not exactly but close.



Oh. My. Gawd.  The Raiders look like they will battle Tennessee for the first pick in the draft.  I can't get myself to even type Lamont Jordan's number or Randy Moss's ones, and I don't even have them on any of my teams.

Steve McNair was Bollerian once again.  Maybe Kyle is a much better QB than the Ravens' system allows?  16-33-143-1?  Yikes.  Nobody other than heap is a sure play any week, and Heap only because he is considered a quality TE and that is questionable in 8-team leagues.

Baltimore' defense is the best fantasy starter.



Qb Chris Sims' bounced back nicely with 300 yards passing but no TDs and 3 INTs negates those yards.  Fortunately, he focused most of his efforts WR Joey Galloway's way.  163 yards receiving is a nice haul for a WR2.

Cadillac Williams?  More like Hyund...nah, that's too easy.

Should-have-been Jet Jerrious Norwood followed-up his Week one performance nicely with 45 yards on nine carries as the 3rd RB for the Falcons.

With the Falcons calling so many running plays for Michael Vick, does he need more than 100 or so yards passing and a TD pass to be a quality QB start in medium-depth leagues?