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Answers for MIA/BUF, CAR/MIN & CIN/CLE


The Bills tightened up their run defense from the first week.  I do wonder how much Miami's ineffective pass-blocking assited that, though.   Unfortuantely, trendy QB pick, Daunte Culpepper looks horrible.  He must have some hand issues because he drops the frickin' ball all the time.

WR/PR/KR Wes Welker caught five balls so he looks like an OK play at WR in leagues using return yardage.

Buffalo did very little statisitically to indicate that they won the game.  RB Willias MaGahee did have 90 yards rushing but in combination with QB JP Losman's 83 yards passing, it looks much less impressive.

Lee Evans looks like a buy-very-very-very low candidate following his 2 recpetions for 19 yards.



Without WR Steve Smith, Carlina QB Jack Delhomme looked Bollerian once more -17/33/181 with no TDs.  RB DeSahun Foster, the default 4th round choice of fantasy teams everywhere, was badly out-played by First Week Zero, D'Angelo Williams.  In the smae number of carries, Williams out-rushed Foster 7-26 and caught 5 balls versus two for Foster.  To boot, Williams returned four kicks.

Minnesota's WR Troy Williamson should be nearly 100% owned moments after the transaction period opens for Week Three.  He had 102 yards receiving over six receptions.  No other player caught more than three balls.  And he also returned kick-offs.

RB Chester Taylor did what everyone fantasy teams wants from an RB2 - 24/113.  And all the teams that defaulted into DeSahuan Foster really wish they had the pick a few before their own when Chester Taylor was selected.



Cincy covered the 10-point spread as the Browns defense was incapable of stopping the hot knives of Carson Palmer and Rudi Johnson from slicing through their buttery line.

RB Reuben Droughns lacked impressiveness although he did get the opportunity to punch the ball in from the one.  But 32 yards rushing?

TE Kellen Winslow's 4 receptions likely keeps his ego inflated.

Man!  Did Carson Palmer have a nice game!  352 yards and two TDs.  WR Chad Johnson caught one of the TDs but did not have the 100 yard game his owners would expect when they see Palmer go for 352.

With CJ suffering some concussion probelms, expect WR Chris Henry's 100+ yard game to get him amongst the most-added for Week Three.  (Comments about underage girls will not be a part of this site!)