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Questions for NE/NYJ, TEN/SD, WAS/DAL & PIT/JAX


Patriots:  Will any receiver but TE Ben Watson emerge as a viable bye-week play?  How does the Maroney/Dillon RBBC produce this week?

Jets:  Does QB Chad Pennington turn into a pumpkin this week, and with him, Laverneus Coles and Jerricho Cotchery?  Will RB Kevan Barlow wrestle the starting job from Derrick Blaylock?


Titans:  This looks like a bloodbath in the making.

Chargers:  Will there be a let down after the slaughtering of the Raiders?  Any chance Phillip Rivers passes more than a QB in a wishbone offense does?


Redskins:  Will QB Mark Brunnell be able to connect deep?  Can second-string RBs run well against the Cowboys defense?

Cowboys:  Can Drew Beldsoe not contribute to the Redskins' efforts?  Will Julius Jones have a bettershowing than one 23 yard carry and a bunhc of nothing?  T.O.?


Steelers:  Can QB Charlie Batch be effective against a better defense?  Any chance Bill Cowher lets Parker punch in TDs inside the five?  Will Cedric Wilson have a big game after being shutout last week?

Jaguars:  Will WR Matt Jones have another good week?  Will RB Fred Taylor surprise against a Steelers defense that held Ronnie Brown in check?