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Week Two Moves

Yahoo! 12

I picked up QB Ben Roethlisberger and dropped WR Greg Jennings.  I wanted Roethlisberger at the draft, but he was selected a couple picks before I was going to take him.

The team that took him didn't know he was injured at the time.  The greatness of Yahoo! draft leagues!

Yahoo! 10

I started RB DeShaun Foster over RB Cadillac Williams.  There is no reason to risk Williams' back flaring up.

I am also playing the odds that Foster has a better second game after his dud in Week One.


No changes from Week One.  I am looking forward to big games from Ronnie Brown and Larry Johnson and hoping to see Texan WR Andre Johnson have another 100-yard day - this time with a TD.


I sat Fred Taylor and started WR Troy Williamson in his place.  I am not hopeful about Taylor's ability to run against the Steeler's defense nor his surety in punching-in goal line TDS.

I so want to start WR Cedric Wilson after he was shut out last week because I believe the team will make an extra effort to get him the ball.

Looking at the available free agent QBs has me depressed.  The top two are Charlie batch and Damon Huard.  I really regret not getting JP Losman with my final pick and getting stuck with Kerry Collins.