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Questions for AZ/SEA, STL/SF & KC/DEN


Cardinals:  Another Top 5 QB performance from Kurt Warner?  The beginning of the Matt Leinart Era?  Will Edgerrin James average 4 yards per rush?

Seahwaks:  How do the recpetions split between Darrell Jackson and Deoin Branch and between those two and the rest of the WRs?


Rams:  Will they beat the 49ers this season?  Any chance those 6 field goals from last week turn into TDs?  Does Stephen Jackson get a "workhorse" load?  Any chance a legit WR3 emerges?

49ers:  How far the other way does the pendulum swing on QB Alex Smith?  Will Frank Gore have another top 10 RB game?  Does TE Vernon Davis get amongst the most added for Week Three?


Chiefs:  Can RB Larry Johnson and TE Tony Gonzalez carry a Damon Huard-led offense?

Broncos:  Does QB Jake Plummer stave off the start of the Jay Cutler ERA?  Were the six scoring drives lasy week Plummer's fault or the defenses fault?  Was it bend-but-don't-break or luck?  With Mike Bell's broken finger and Tatum Bell's out-performance, does this signal Shanahan will give more carries to Mike Bell?