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Cheap Closer Out the Window

Fake Teams is taking a break from its relentless fantasy football posting to draw all fantasy baseball players' attention to the news surrounding Red Sox phenom rookie closer, Jonathan Papelbon.

With football in full gear there is a very good chance that even the most diehard baseball fans, of which I am one, will have still missed this.

From this morning's New York Times:

''We [the Red Sox and Papelbon] haven't really ironed out everything yet. This was kind of a quick conversation. They know I can start. I know I can start. I think they like it, I like it, and I'll be able to run with it.

The risk that Papelbon was going to be moved from a $30 fantasy role to a $10 one as an unproven starting pitcher was a major consideration in any deal I explored with an eye towards next season.

Fortunately for me , I was aware of the risk. I hope those who bought Paplebon right before he was shutdown, but with the knowledge he would be a cheap closer in 2007, are doing OK.