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Questions for MIA/BUF, CAR/MIN & CLE/CIN


Dolphins:  If Dillon and Maroney can rush for 160 yards against Buffalo's defense, will Ronnie Brown go for 200?  How much will Daunte Culpepper improve over his Week One performance?  Was Wes Welker's Week One performance fool's gold?

Buffalo:  How many yards does WR Lee Evans get against a pass defense that allowed Heath TE Heath Miller to go 87 yards for a TD?  Is 4 receptions for 130 yards unreasonable?  Does Willis MaGahee embarass the Dolphins defense, too?


Panthers:  Will the passing game be Bollerian again without WR Steve Smith?  Will DeShaun Foster have a game worthy of a 4th round pick or does rookie Week One bust, D'Angelo Williams, apply the heat?

Vikings:  Will WR Troy Williamson follow-up Monday night's performance with another one that would solidify his status as a decent WR2?  Does RB Chuck Taylor does the same as a RB2?  (I know his name isn't "Chuck" but for the life of me, everytime I think of his name, I think, "Chuck.")


Browns:  Can the offense score enough to cover the 10-point spread, and, by extension, which players on offense do well?  Does TE Kellen Winslow further cement in his mind that he is the greatest?

Bengals:  Will QB Carson Palmer play a game that is worthy of the #2 overall QB chosen in fantasy drafts - likely a 2nd or 3rd round pick?  Does WR Charles Johnson have the game that made him the first overall WR chosen?
Update [2006-9-15 10:28:15 by Eric Hz]:From fellow SBNer, Dawgs by Nature, an excellent post about Cleveland RB Reuben Droughn's version of "Give Me the Damn Ball!'