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Questions for NYG/PHI, OAK/BAL & TB/ATL


Giants:  Can Eli Manning have a good game against a better defense than the Colts?  Will it be a sub-50% completion one?  Does Brandon Jacobs follow-up last week's quality back-up job with a second in a row?

PHI:  Donte Stallworth - the biggest buy-high player from Week One?  Will Correll Buckhalter score at least one TD and get 50 yards, stats that would make him a solid play in 16-team leagues?


OAK:  Are they really as bad as Mondays night's effort indicates?  Can a team with Lamont Jordan and Randy Moss really be a 10-point underdog to a team with no expectations of being lead to a victory by its offense?

BAL:  Will Steve McNair have a quality fantasy game?  With Jamal Lewis too?  How far will the pendulum swing the other way on the defense?


TB:  What will Chris Sims' free agent fortune(s) look like after this game?  Will Cadillac Williams play or will he be the first high-round pick to be deemed a 2006 bust?  How about a Joey Galloway reception?

ATL:  Will Jerrious Norwood get another 50+ yards?  Any chance Michael Vick has a 250 yard passing day so we get shed some light on the darkenss that is the Falcon's receiving core?