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Questions for DET/CHI, HOU/IND & NO/GB


Lions:  No doubt the biggest question this week is whether or not the Lions can get those 40 points they almost had last week.  And when they do, Roy Williams has got to be a big part of that.  My question is what those final stats will look like.

Bears:  Will this week's Rex Grossman be the same as last week's version?  Can the defense shut down an offense that was thisclose to scoring 40?


Texans:  Does Samkon Gado take over as RB by game's end? Does WR Andre Johnson have another 100 yards receiving to kick his bandwagon into hyperdrive?

Colts:  Who emerges from the backfield to take all those stats left by Edgerrin James?


Saints:  Does Marques Colsten catch another TD to ensure he becomes 100%-owned by Week Three?  How do the RB touches divy up this week?

Packers: Does WR Greg Jennings catch more than one ball and prevent himself from being 100%-unowned by Week Three?  Does RB Ahman Green make it through the game without being listed as "doubtful" for Week Three?  Will Vernand Morency make the Texans rue dealing him?