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Answers for PHI/HOU

For what seems like forever, former Saints WR Dante Stallworth has been on everyone's sleeper list.  After being dealt to the Eagles to be the #1 WR, he returned to that list.

And boy did he finally live-up to the billing - 6/141 with a 42-yd TD!

Dante looks to be a safe play at WR2.  I've heard, "Wolf!" too many times to even consider him at WR1 despite T.O's 2004 season as McNabb's favorite target.

The Eagles scored their two TDs on 30+ yd passes so there was little obvious info contained in their boxscore about who will get the goal line carries, but Cornell Buckhalter did get 8 carries.  Combine that with Brian Westbrook's injuyr, and I'd expect that player to be Buckhalter in Week Two.

Texan WR Andre Johnson had 100 yards receiving.  He is one his way to breaking through to the WR1 status most expected last year.  

Unfortunately, the running game ran into a rejuvenated Eagles' defense.  Wali Lundy, another pre-season sleeper, failed to solidify his hold onnthe carries Domancik Davis had the past couple seasons.