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Deoin Branch/ Darrell Jackson Shake-out

Deoin Branch got his wish and was dealt for a contract that no longer makes him second fiddle to last season's receiving teammate David Givens, who got $24MM from Tennessee.

As a Seahwak, I see him providing the same thing Darrell Jackson does - reliable receptions.

The question is whose expense do the receptions come from.  Will Darrell Jackson see a decrease?  Does Nate Burleson become even less of a factor?  How about the TE?

The scenario I see as most likely is this:
Seattle WR1:  75 receptions 1000 yards
Seattle WR2:  60 recpetions  800 yards

And for those who haven't clicked through those links, the scenario is one that looks like the WR1 & WR2 distribution in New England.

Another scenario would have Darrell Jackson not recovering from the knee surgery and seeing his days as a #1 being over at 27. (Or 26 if you count last season.)

FWIW, here are the 2005 Seattle Seahawks receiving statistics.  Hasselback is a good QB who won't zero in on one receiver.

Unless my injury scenario occurs, do not expect either Darrell Jackson or Deion Branch to be anything better than what the patriots have provided the top WRs.

(New England will be laughing to the bank to see the Seahawks pay so much for mediocre [fantasy] production.)