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Answers for TB/GB, DAL/JAX, & SF/AZ

Where Tampa Bay QB, Chris Sims, was a disappointme....No, he failed, Chicago QB Rex Grossman perfomed as surprisingly as the Jets' Chad Pennington and San Fran's Alex Smith.  G Rex was 18/26/262 with a 49-yd TD.

The Brian Greise Era has been staved off for another week.

On the Green Bay side, they helped those who made the Bears Defense to first one chosen feel warm and fuzzy.  This despite Ahman Green getting 110 yards on just 20 carries (and avoiding the Injury Report for Week Two - so far!).  

That warm and fuzzy feeling just dissipated a bit.

As for rookie WR Greg Jennings, he caught one ball, but as the optimists at NBC Sports/Rotoworld reported, he did have five others thrown his way.


I have seen the Cowboys Defense ranked in the Top 3.  I targeted it amongst 8-10 others.  It did nothing but disappointed.  

After the Cowboys put the first ten points of the season on the board, the defense allowed 24 unanswered ones.  Not fair as Drew Bledsoe was doing what he could to help Jacksonville, but push comes to shove, how about a field goal allowed versus a TD?  And was that the first TD Jax RB Fred Taylor scored from 5 yards or fewer this century?

RB Julius Jones scored from 23 yards out on the first drive.  This gave the owners who got stuck drafting him in the 4th round feeling warm and fuzzy.  Unfortunately, he didn't muster much else as he finished with just 72 total yards rushing.

The Jacksonville receiving core stepped up and looks to have made WR Matt Jones a solid WR2.  I got him in the 6th round of a 16-team league and can't imagine him going earlier than that in anything but the Matt Jones Family & Friends League.

Unfortunately, for Fred Taylor, he looks like the inside-the-five rushes will not be his exclusive provence - not that anyone took him expecting that.



I asked, "Can Frank Gore get 100 yards against the Cardinals defense?" and the answer was, "No."  Despite this, I have heard Frank Gore rated as a Top 10 back based upon this performance.  2 TDs and 6 receptions for 83 yards would do that, but isn't there a concern he didn't get 100 yards?

Alex Smith had a surprisingly good line - 23/40/288/1, and he doubled his career TD output in the process, but isn't that completion percentage worthy of concern?  Isn't 14 of those 23 completions to either a RB or TE another source of concern?  (Yes, I included the ambiguously-positioned Marcus Robinson as a RB.)

As for the Cardinals, Edgerrin James was unable to crack 100 yards and, in 26 carries, he didn't manage to average three yards per.  I bet he ages as quickly as Emmitt Smith did when he arrived in Phoenix.

The Matt Leinart Era won't begin at the kick-off of Week Two, and Kurt Warner showed why he'd have been a Top 5 QB this season if anyone believed he'd last a season.  

That 9th week bye makes Lienart one of the few excellent QB handcuffs.