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Answers to SEA/DET Questions

In one of the Opening Week's biggest stinkers, the Seahawks travelled to Detroit and defeated them in a game that brought back memories of those classic mid-90s Colts/Jets field goal battles.  The Seahawks beat Detroit 3-2 in a game of field goals.

Obviously, Mike Martz's new offense made sleepers of no one but the poor souls forced to watch the game.

For Seattle, Darrell Jackson caught 5 balls and, barring forthcoming injury updates, looks to be the fine 4th or 5th round pick he is.

Shaun Alexander did not run well.  One game does not mean his production will suffer due to the loss of Steve Hutchinson, but, if Chester Taylor runs wild tonight, doubts will begin to surface.

As for Nate Burleson, he caught an early 36-yard pass (the second play of the game.) and elevated hopes of all his fans. - only to finish the game with just that one pass.