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Answers to ATL/CAR, BAL/TB & BUF/NE

Michael Vick has been selected in fantasy drafts for years in hopes he turns into a 250 yd QB with 50+ rushing yards and a TD.

He has shown the ability to run, but pass?  Not yet.  Two TDs not withstanding, 10-22 with 140 yards passing doesn't cut it as a starting Qb or for any of his wide receivers.

A player of note is rookie thrid-round pick Jerrious Norwood.  He picked-up 66 yds on 10 carries.  He is worth a reserve spot in the event (hope?) that Warrick Dunn is injured.

While DeShaun Foster had a pedestrian 54 yards rushing, super sleeper RB D'Angelo Williams returned....kicks.  That is right, he returned kicks and did not get one rushing carry.

Without Steve Smith, the Panthers' passing game was mediocre.  189 yards for QB Jack Delhomme and no TDs.


Mike Anderson had seven carries for the Baltimore Ravens while nominal #2 back Musa Smith had two.  

Starting RB Jamal Lewis did punch in one score in 18 carries with 78 yards.  A good game but not great.

New QB Steve McNair was Bollerian in his final stats - 17/27 for 181 yards and a scoring strike with no receiver catching more than five balls or getting more than 52 yards.

There will be no mad rush to add Ravens' receivers.

As for Tampa Bay Qb Chris Sims, well, his day job is on shakier ground than it was before the Opening Kick-off.  17-29 for 133 yards and three INTs is likely going to be the difference between winning and losing for many a fantasy team.


In New England, Corey Dillon and Lawrence Maroney look like they will be sharing carries all season, assuming no Dillon injury, and that is an assumption no fantasy footballer should ignore.

Grab Maroney and await the inevitable. 17-86 is too good to ignore.  This despite a very good game from Dillon (16-73).

In typical Brady fashion, his eleven completions were spread amongst six receivers.  TE Ben Watson caught three for 50 yards is is likely the only one who will be starting most weeks.

As for the Bills, their run defense looks horrible and whoever the opposing running back is should be started until proven otherwise.

As for the passing game, JP Losman did his best Tom Brady impression by distributing his 15 completions amongst seven different receivers.  Week one was a "bust" for WR Lee Evans (2-25).  Next week may be the "Boom!"