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Answers to IND/NYG & DEN/STL

In the first Manning Bowl, older brother PePeyton prevailed.  Unfortunately, it was scheduled against ABC's "Path to 9/11".  Hopefully, a reader will post a diary with specifics.

Anyhow, the Giants spead the recpetions as evenly as one could expect - 4 to Buress and 5 a piece to Toomer, Barber and Shockey.

While Sinorice Moss got a lot of hype pre-pre-season, I can't see him becoming a reliable target.  There just won't be enough balls after the top four get theirs.

For the Colts, nothing, N-O-T-H-I-N-G, was learned about who is going to inherit Edgerrin James stats.  Rhodes' 16-29 and Addai's 7-26 is as likely to dictate a free agent signing as it is to signal a lead runner.  To boot, both caught three passes.


The Broncos started Tatum Bell not nominal starter Mike Bell, and he put up a 100-yard game on 15 carries while Mike had 10-58.  Not a good sign for the Rams run defense.

Unfortunately for the Broncos receivers, Jake Plummer reverted back to his Arizona Cardinal days - three INTs with no TDs.  Let's start it here at Faketeams, "Jay Cutler!  Jay Cutler!  Jay Cutler!"

Javon caught three passes, as did Rod Smith, and the TEs, Stephen Alexander and Tony Sheffler, combined for three caught balls.

For the Rams, word of Isaac Bruce's demise has been greatly exaggerated.  He caught five passes while Kevin Curtis hopes for his 1st 2006 reception next week.

No one other than Holt and Bruce or a RB caught any passes.  Man!  That STL TE is going to be a really, really deep sleeper!

Stephen Jackson carried the ball 22 times with another back getting 3 carries.  I can't conclude he is the "workhorse" but, for a 121 yards per week, I'll allow him to be called that if he wants.