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More Fantasy Questions in Search of Answers

Bengals:  Is Carson Palmer fully recovered from his knee surgery?
Chiefs:  Will Larry Johnson be affected by the change in coaches?  Trent Green?
Is Tony Gonzalez still an elite TE or did his slippage in drafts portend something?

Saints:  Does Reggie Bush live-up to the hype?  What about former Top 10 pick Deuce McAllister?  Can Drew Brees produce with a no-marquee cast of receivers as he did in SD?  Will he be able to make one of them marquee a la TE Antonio Gates?
Browns:  Is Braylon Edwards a top WR?  Will QB Charlie Frye improve?  Is Kellen Winslow as good as he thinks he is?

Eagles:  Does WR Dante Stallworth finally live-up to his 2004, 2005 and 2006 sleeper label?  Who punches the ball in from inside the five?
Texans:  Will Andre Johnson finally breakout?  Can Gary Kubiak transplant the running system from Denver to Houston to make the Reggie Bush non-selection moot?  Will Mario Williams do the same?

Seahawks:  How is Darrel Jackson's knee?  Does Shaun Alexander miss Steve Hutchinson?  Nate Burleson - the latest in sleeper failure?
Lions: Will new offensive coordinator Mike Martz make a difference?  Is Jon Kitna the sleeper QB many have predicted?

Bears:  Can QB Rex Grossman stave-off the onset of the Brian Greise Era?
Packers: Will Greg Jennings live-up to the universal hype as a potential #1?  Can Ahman Green make it through the game without being listed as "doubtful" for Week Two?

Dallas:  Will the Defense dominate?  Can Julius Jones be better than a 3rd tier RB?  T.O?
Jaguars:  Will anyone step-up in their receiving core?  Will Fred Taylor get to punch the ball in at the goal line?

49ers:  Can Frank Gore get 100 yards against the Cardinals defense?  Will Alex Smith be able to double or triple his career TD output in this game?
Cardinals:  Has the O-line improved enough to let Edgerrin James earn his high-pick status?  Does the Matt Leinart Era begin this week?