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Answers to NYJ/TEN Questions

In what has become the expected outcome whenever this Miami Dolphins fan derides the New York Jets, the Jets come through with a performance that refutes my negativity.

I snidely asked whether or not the Jets would have a single player worthy of starting for fantasy teams, and Chad Pennington resounding answered, "Yes!" with a 24-33-319-2 TD performance.

And Lavereus Coles caught 8 balls for 153 yards, Jerricho Cotchery caught six balls, a TD and almost a second, and Chris Baker had four recpetions with a TD.

More seriously, I asked whether the Jets would run a commitee at RB, and they did.  Poorly I add.

Derrick Blaylock started and carried 19 times for only 36 yards, and Kevan barlow had 11 carries and only 35 yards but did score a TD.

For the Titans, what was most important is what they did with their RB situation.

Lendale White was inactive, and Chris Brown appeared to be effective/cosistent with 16 carries and 64 yards.  Unfortunately, it was Travis Henry who punched in  two touchdowns.

I'd stay away from any Titans RB until Jeff Fischer settles on one, and that will only occur following a release and injury/trade.

Of note was the one series rookie QB Vince Young ran.  He looked good until not throwing a pass hard enough to hit the open man.  It was intercepted, but I can see Young starting much sooner than Young's detractors would have foreseen.