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Intro to 2006 DEF Rankings

To complete the fantasy baseball analogies, picking defenses/special teamsis like chasing Wins.

You should be able to guess who will get them, but you never know.  You know starting pitchers have a better chance to get a Wins and you know decent ERa and WHIPs should translate into Wins and you know pitcher's parks should tip that in your favor.

Then Jason Marquis gets 14 Wins with a 5.86 ERA and 1.47 WHIP, and Pedro Martinez gets 9 Wins with a 3.84 and 1.02.

Defense/Special Teams work the same way.  A bad team gets 3 punt returns for TDs and you lose.  A good one allows 16 points without a TD and you lose.

Who picked the Colts and Bears to turn into DEF/ST monsters?

My DEF rankings are even fuzzier than my TE ones.  I have a good idea which teams will be bad and which will be good and tried to place their DEF in the proper areas, but why CHI at the top when I think they will struggle with a first place schedule?  

Why have CIN in the middle of the pack?  Why MIN ahead of them?

The DEF I do like is the NYG because their DEs are going to wreck havoc and could, I emphasis could, lead to more turnovers and more chances for defensive TDs.

I'm just not convinced that Jason Marquis isn't going to Win over my Pedro Martinez.