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New York Jets

Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News reports a person close to RB Curtis Martin as saying:

"I'd be really shocked if he came back...The injury was a lot worse than anyone thought.  I'm pretty sure the cartilage is gone and it's bone on bone. It's pretty intolerable."

Mr. Cimini also reports that the Jets organization senses the end is near for Curtis Martin.

This naturally leads to the question of who will be the starting RB for the Jets in 2006.

This is also the question fantasy footballers need to answer, too.

A quick look at the current roster answers, "No one."  As that is not reasonable, one must throw out the names Derrick Blaylock, Cedric Houston and 4th round pick Leo Washington.

I wouldn't take any of them in a draft unless I was a big Jets homer, and then I'd only use a very late-round draft pick.

A trade is likely.

I wonder if anyone wants the Jets 3rd round pick, ILB Anthony Schlegel.  Maybe the Falcons would send them  fellow 3rd rounder RB Jerious Norwood?