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You Light-Up My life

With the "success" Ryan Shealy (6-19 1HR 5 RBI 5 BB) has shown since being acquired by the Royals for a couple of failed Royals pitchers, I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

This light also depends on the continued "success" of Mark Teahan (13 HR .353/.507).

And on 22-year-old RF(?) Alex Gordon translating his AA success (21HR, 21SB .414/.557) into major league numbers.

And on 20-year-old LF Billy Butler translating his AA success (14 HR .380/.488) into major league numbers.

Those players at the corners of the outfield and infield should give Royals fans hope for the future.  With Dave DeJesus in CF and Joey Gaithright available to pinch run and steal bases, the Royals have the makings of Fantasy Sleeper Land for the next year or so.