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Tampa Bay Closer

The big closer news today is the Devil Rays will make recently-demoted RHP Edwin Jackson the closer at AAA Durham.  From today's Tampa Tribune:

Primarily a long reliever for the Rays, Jackson will move into a closer's role at Durham, Rays manager Joe Maddon said.

"We were not able to get him into the meatier part of the game later, in a meaningful situation, and that's where he needs to be."

I wouldn't take this news very seriously.  Unlike Seth McClung who failed as a starter in the majors, Jackson failed as a reliever.

I see little reason to expect Jackson to gain anything by relieving in AAA.

Never mind the fact that McClung dominated AAA as a closer and was brought-up to the majors and put in the 8th inning role.

Brian Meadows has an apparent iron-grip on the Devil Rays closer job!