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Cleveland Closer

Fausto Carmona has been given the first chance to close following the Indians trade of Bob Wickman for a low A 21-year-old catching propsect.

Unfortunately, Carmona's first two save opportunities came against the Boston Red Sox, and he was quickly taught that Dave Ortiz is not to be pitched to in the 9th inning!

The next save opportunity went to Jason Davis, a perennial future closer who finally got a save.  He has pitched well since being recalled (again!), but I have been burned by him so much I swear he is Franklyn German in disguise!

Last night, Rafeal Betancourt put two runners on in the 8th, and Indians manager Eric Wedge called in Fernando Cabrera - the scorching hot closer favorite of all Rotocommetaria this past off-season.

He proceeded to give up a three-run HR.

What are the Indians to do?  After giving up on the season, the team should give Carmona a few more chances to show he is not a right-handed Arthur Rhodes - good stuff but not closer material.

However, I would not be surprised to see Jason Davis get another save opportunity, and, if he successfully converts that one, then he will get some leash to close a couple more times.

I'd also like to see Fernando Cabrera get an audition also as all of Rotocommetaria cannot be wrong.

In any case, the Indians shouldn't forget they punted the remainder of 2006 to determine whether or not GM Mark Shapiro must succeed in the off-season in finally paying a closer big free agent dollars.

From a fantasy point-of-view, patience with any Cleveland reliever may result in a closer going forward. In keeper leagues, grabbing Carmona cheaply following his two blown saves would be wise.