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Javy Lopez to the Red Sox

I am back in the sweltering confines of Westerchester County, NY, in what is seemingly the only house without central air.

Watching the scroll at the bottom of ESPNews, I saw the breaking story of Javy Lopez going to the Red Sox and then the re-breaking news that he wasn't.

Today, I see the Red Sox did acquire him for cash and the PTBNL.  An excellent trade in my opinion.  rg scorch nicely laid out Lopez' 2006 along side Varitek's one, and there is little difference.

Getting the equivalent of Varitek's bat back into the line-up for nothing almost rivals the grand larceny the Yanks committed againt the Phils and the Pirates.

If Varitek returns in time for the play-offs, then the Sox needn't worry about being run out of the play-offs.  Literally run out as the other teams in play-off contention do steal bases.