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New Fantasy Program

XM Radio has replaced The Sporting News channel 143 with its own station, Sports Nation XM.  (If "Blogs" is placed between the first two words,

The current programing has a must-listen every night at 8 PM EST - Rotowire Fantasy Football with Chris Lis.

Last night's program had Aaron Schatz of the Football Prospectus.  He revealed a method of finding breakout QBs.

With it, one identifies those QBs who were successful on 1st & 2nd down but less so on third.   The QB he mentioned for this season is Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger.

He also advised staying away from QBs unless you happen to get one of his Top 4 - Peyton Manning, Matt Hasselback, Carson Palmer and Tom Brady.

Chris Lis brought up Eli Manning, and Aaron Schatz related that, while Eli was the #5 rated QB last season, it was the worst #5QB perfromance of all-time, and he believed there is little reason to believe Eli can improve.

I tend to disagree, but those, whose faith in statistical outcomes is much stronger than my own, would contest that.  (An "n" of 14 for a season worries me.)