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Intro to 2006 K Rankings

Ranking kickers is akin to ranking middle relievers in fantasy baseball.  Generally, none will hurt you and picking out the absolute best ones is hard to predict from year to year.

Raise your hand if you drafted Neil Rakers in a single-digit round.

I typically look for kickers who are on teams I expect to win.  (It is also the rule-of-thumb I use when selecting defenses.)

In order to win, a team must move the ball into scoring position.  Rakers excelled because the Cardinals were able to do that with their prolific passing game combined with a rushing offense that would make the CFL look like wishbone-only league.  Throw-in in some 50-yarders, and Voila! you have a 148 points from a kicker.


Adam Vinitieri appears to have a broken ankle and does not sound as if he cares.  

I do, though, and would look at the whomever kicks in indy as a Top 10 kicker, but, given that kickers are not drafted high, I'd probably still draft him if he were available late in a draft.

The ankle injury may ensure he falls too far - if that is possible for a kicker!

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