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Some NL Trade Grades

Here is a quick and dirty assessment of the NL teams trades at the July 31st deadline - composed from a laundrymat in Fair Haven, VT.

Atlanta B+:  Adding Wickman, Baez and Ayber for Wilson Betemit and a low A catching prospect was good 2006 thinking.  However, both relievers are free agents and Betemit was the best player involved.

Mets A:  Adding Hernandez and Perez after losing Sanchez for the season was wise.  Nady had proven himslef to be a .260 AVG/non-OBP hitter - exactly what he was in San Diego.

Washington C:  The "A" from the Kearns/Lopez trade brought up the "F" from the non-Alphonso trade.

Florida F:  No need for Joe Borowski.  Yet they kept him in an alledgedly good market for relievers.

Philadelphia F:  Sorry, dumping salary is not a high eneough bar to meet.

Houston D:  I'm not enamored of Huff and still having Ausmus, Everett and the pitcher hitting every time through the line-up.  No major league team can win with six batters.

STL C:  Upgraded 2B but nothing else.  Here's to hoping Chris Duncan keeps hitting!

Cubs C+:  Izturis is a legitimate fielder and maybe can recapture his 2004 hitting magic.  

Brewers A:  Mench and Cordero for Lee helps them compete for this year and next.  Lee wasn't resigning anyhow.  Bell and Graffanino were excellent values.

Reds B-:  needed to revamp the bullpen an did that.  A much higher bar than the Philadelphia one.

Pirates FFFFFFFF:  Littlefield should be fired.  

Dodgers A:  Similar to the Braves in adding for 2006 but gave-up unneeded players and received Maddux and Betemit.  Can't believe there were no takers for Cruz Jr though.

San Fra C:  Mike Stanton may be the new closer?  Hillenbrand is a good bat and can't be more ornery than Bonds.

Dbacks F:  Quentin didn't hit enough in the week prior to merit moving Green?  Do they really want to trust Jorge Julio?

Padres B-:  Walker made two errors yesterday.  The grade may move lower.

Rockies D+:  Affeldt and Bautista for Shealy?  Affeldt failed in KC as did Bautista.  Any chance Colorado will improve that?