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Back-up QB

Inevitably, there will be back-up quarterbacks who are elvated to the status of starting quarterback.

Trying to guess which ones will do so is a little more difficult given the fact that football is played by men so much bigger and stronger than the rest of us that we cannot imagine what is it like to be hit by 250+ lb men going at full speed.

That said, I suspect most fantasy ballers know Arizona QB Kurt Warner is not long for the full-time job.  Actually, we get a sense what should be happening with all those freakishly strong men try to kill you - your bell gets rung constantly and becomes more prone to that reoccurring.

Warner's back-up is Matt Lienert.  He looks to be perfectly capable of stepping into the high-powered offense of the Cardinals and matching any gaudy numbers Warner manages to produce before taking a seat on the IR.

He has completed 19-31 for 189 with a TD and no INTs.  It is exhibition, true, but there is no indication he has struggled - holdout notwithstanding.

Because of that, Lienert should be drafted as your 2nd QB before any of the bottom-feeding starting QBs are taken.  (See this list for those.)