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Bottom Tier QBs

On Friday, I posted my groups of 1st and 2nd tier fantasy QBs.

Now I'll post my list of QBs who should be available in the free agent pool barring leagues that draft every player.

This is no particular order of badness, but, as a Miami Dolphins fan, I'll lead off with the NYJ's Chad Pennington.  There is not enough arm strength to overcome a bad running game and receiving core.

JP Losman, Charlie Frye, David Carr, Rex Grossman, and Alex Smith accompany The Marshall attendee on the list.  All share a bad running game and/or receiving core/and or bad o-line and/or relatively little QB ability.  (With those criteria, which of the above looks to be a better QB than the rest?)

There are obviously some from my third tier, or as I like to call it, "The Sleeper Tier", that could fall to this lowest level of fantasy QB Hell, but I want a handful or so to occupy that third tier so I'll leave them out.