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Wide Receivers

Drew Loftis of the NY Post is back this week with his assessment of the wide receiver pool.

Not too much of it should come as a surprise.  I do like his advice on the top receivers, Steve Smith and Terrell Owens (really?):

Not that you should be drafting WRs in the first round anyway....

In a 10-team league, I can see following that advice.  In a 12-team one?  Only if the team selecting takes Steve Smith with the first pick in the second round versus the last pick in the first.

In leagues bigger than 12, that advice is unfollowable.  Given the length of time before the drafts comes back (23 picks in a 12-team one), the top WRs will be gone as will all the 2nd-tier RBs.  Heck the top TEs will be gone too.

He lists the receivers I consider value/sleeper picks under the title, "Case of the Drops."  Not exactly the way I'd characterize the six receivers listed - Santana Moss, Darrell jackson, Eric Moulds and Ashley Lelie along with Bobby Engram and Nate Burleson.  "Drops" and "wide receivers" is like pairing "beer" and "urine-esque."

A receiver who should be liked and may not be is Joe Horn, and Drew rightly credits the arrival of Drew Brees for the increase in value.

Surprisingly, the Brees-led Chargers scored 418 points last season.  That does not occur with only a dominant RB because all that running would eat up too much of the clock and leave little room for prolific scoring.  Not to mention the other team could stay with its ground game longer as it would not fall behind as quickly either.

Baltimore's Derrick Mason and Detroit's Roy Williams are listed as additional sources of value WRs also because of improved QB situations.

Hmmm.  Improved QB play as a source of sleeper WRs?  I guess JP Losman and Lee Evans do not merit inclusion and the Bills have a top RB?