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Deion Branch

Whenever a quarterback has lost his top receiver,  the immediate reaction of the fanasty footballer is to cringe then move towards determining who the new #1 will be and then checking the freeagent pool to see if he is available.

When I heard the news the Patriots are going to allow #1 WR Deion Branch to explore a trade, I cringed, thught about who would be the new #1 and....

Wait a second.  Branch didn't even get 1,000 receiving last season.  Does it matter who the new #1 is?

Troy Brown (39/466)?  Rookie Chad Jackson ?  Why not rookie Patrick Cobbs?

With the Patriots, no one will lose by refusing to gamble on whoever would be the #1.  The ball has been distributed across the receiving roster, and there is little reason to believe this season will be any different.

As a 3 WR, any of the above are good gambles.  If any of the above are your #2?  Uh-oh.

Update [2006-8-26 19:37:28 by Eric Hinz]: The original post had listed David Givens as a Patriot. He signed with the Titans in the off-season. Who can blame Branch for holding out? Givens will be paid $5MM for basically the same production he had with the Patriots.