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With Daunte Culpepper's successful completion of his thrid exhibition game, I feel secure in placing him solidly amongst the 2nd tier of QBs - Brady, Hasselback, Eli Manning,Donovan mcNabb, Brett Favre, Jack Delhomme, Kurt Warner and Mark Bulger.

I have Carson Palmer amongst that group because he has not successfully completed any exhibition games.  Once he gets one under his belt, he will quickly rise to the top of the group.

After another, he may find himself a close second to Peyton Manning.

My gut tells me Manning is going to rebound from his "2nd tier" performance last year to one closer to his 2005 one.


Dominick Rhodes and joseph Addai leave me unimpressed, and, if they do not approximate a quality RB, then Peyton will have to throw more.

That will make winners of the 3rd/4th round draftees Marvin harrison and Reggie Wayne.

Man, I get excited just thinking about it!