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Homer Bailey

There are constant rumblings emanating from Cincinnati that the Reds should call-up AA phenom Homer Bailey.

I don't know if they will, but the Reds being tied for first place should have this under serious consideration.  Not to start games (maybe) but to be a power arm in the bullpen.

(I know.  He's no Gary Majewski.  Nonetheless.)

If he struggles, then he can be sent to the end of the bullpen bench to chart pitches and clean-up sunflower or whatever extra players due to pass the time after rosters expand.

Regardless, if he is recalled, he becomes an immediate grab in keeper leagues.  If his role is relieving, then all teams should grab him.

If it is starting (Kyle Lohse? Come on!), then those teams in the hunt should be wary.

He could be another Jason Hirsh and that is a risk not worthy taking.