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Rolling Over?

Yesterday, the Orioles were shut down by rookie phenom wannabe Matt Garza.  Interestingly, Garza only struck out one and walked one.

Tonight, rookie Boof Bonser has shut them down also.  He has struck out four and walked only one through six innings.

An intepretation favorable towards the two rookie pitchers is they located their pitches well and were always around the strike zone; hence, the low walk and strike out rates.

With reports floating in cyberspace about Tejada not running out balls, I offer a more negative one.

The O's are packing the season in and swinging at anything close a la beer league softball.

This hit me when I looked at yesterday's line-up and thought it was a very good fantasy team.  Jeff Conine was the weakest link, and an AL-only participant would kill for that condition.

Regardless, the Orioles' whole is less than the sum of its parts.  Don't corporate raiders find companies with similar profiles and sell off the parts to realize its untapped value?

Is there one of those that could come in and unleash the value of the Orioles?