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Ashlie Lelie/TJ Ducket/3rd Rd Pick Trade

This was an excellent deal for the Denver Broncos.  Dealing a disgruntled, 3rd receiver (who screwed fanatsy teams last year following his breakout 2004 season) for a 3rd round pick was genius.  

The Broncos can expect a contributing player next season.  Who it is is TBD, but 3rd round picks are expected to play.

Lelie slides right into the #1 WR slot and will surely be drafted on the eternal hopes that Michael Vick finally breaks out.  Cynicism aside, Lelie could help him do that.

Lelie goes from free agent pool fodder to a mid/late-round pick.

TJ Duckett?  Poor guy goes from a back-up to Warrick Dunn to a back-up for Clinton Portis.

Unless his acquistion signals a more serious problem with Portis' shoulder, his value does not change.  If Portis misses the opening of the season, Duckett should be a solid start, though.  When Portis returns, Duckett's value goes to zero, and he will ride the reserve roster until a  better opportunity arises.