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Two Tidbits

According to Rotoworld, the Patriots have named Steve Gostkowski their starting kicker.  

As noteworthy is their recommendation:

Gostkowski, who kicks in poor elements, is not worth drafting in any fantasy leagues.

If the Patriots win, then their kicker will score.  Is he worth drafting in a single-digit round?  No.  But he is worth drafting late.

Also of note is the Pittsburgh goalline offense (on ESPN via Rotoworld):

Cowher said Wednesday the Steelers likely wouldn't use a short-yardage specialist this year, meaning Willie Parker, the starter, might get the ball frequently inside the 10-yard line, something that rarely happened last season when Jerome Bettis was brought in for goal-line situations.

Fast Willie Parker is a lock to go in the second round of deeper drafts and would make the team with the #1 pick really happy in 10-team leagues!