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Cheap Steals

Last week I noted University of Connecticut at Avery Point attendee, Rajai Davis, as a source of cheap steals over the remainder of the season.

Since then, he has swiped one.  Prorated over the remaining 6 weeks would be a total of seve.  pro-rated over a ful, season would be the equivalent of a 26 SB player - definite Roto gold!  (ed:  Who said there are lies, damned lies and statisitics?)

Today, the Phillies recalled CF Michael Bourn, yet another source of cheap SBs for the remainder of the season.  With Pat Burrell back in LF, Shane Victorino in CF and Dave Dellucci in RF, there should be a game or two per week, along with pinch-hitting and -running opportunities, for Bourn to swipe 5+ over the rest of the year.

If in need of speed, he should be grabbed.

In a season split between AAA & AAA, the 23-year-old speedster stole 45 bases in 50 attempts.  He did something else I do not recall seeing.  He has 13 triples and only 10 doubles.

Regarding plate discipline, he walked 56 times in 470 ABs so he is not adverse to taking pitches, but his 100 strikeouts does hint that he is unadverse to missing them!

(On a personal note, he was going to be my selection at #6 in my 2005 minor league draft.  The team ahead of me took him 5th - and passed on Ryan Howard!)