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RB Sleepers

With only 32 RB starting jobs and most leagues starting at least 20 RBs, can there really be a RB sleeper pick?

In the everyday 10 AM fantasy football chat at (proof!), Scott Engel answers a question about the RB who should benefit from an offensive line containing Steve Hutchinson and Bryan McKinney:

....your take on taking chester taylor as the 48th pick in my draft (end fo 4th)......

SE: ....He could go late second or early third round in a lot of drafts.

Is 24th too early?  Will that owner look back and see it was a clear reach and passing on a top WR cost him the play-offs?

Or will that owner look back and see that was the move that won him some money when he passed on that WR (Javon Walker circa 2005)?