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Jets RB

Following the encouraging games by running backs, Derrick Blaylock and Cedric Houston, against the Redskins, the Jets went out and acquired 27-year-old Kevan Barlow from the San Francisco 49ers.

The move is riskless for the Jets as they likely gave-up very little to get him (a reported 2007 draft pick.)

However, I wonder whether Barlow's inability to impress an equally-inept team, the 49ers, is a signal that the Jets should have stood pat with Blaylock and second-year man Houston.

After all, the Jets are not going to be any good this season, and their RB is going to get killed running into 8-man fronts all season long.

What the trade does do, though, is it makes 49ers RB Frank Gore a "sleeper" pick.  Given the difficulties the Niners will have throwing the ball - even more than the Jets!- I see him as nothing more than a mid- to late-round draftee depending on league depth and not more than a bye week replacement for the shallower leagues.

FWIW:  What does 200 yards rushing yards allowed say about the Redskins' prospects for 2006?