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Running Backs

Last week I noted the New York Post's fantasy football column that addressed QBs.

This week Drew Loftis is back with his take on RBs, and it is just as noteworthy.

He mentions that the first pick should be Larry Johnson or L.T in San Diego over the Seahawks Shawn Alexander.

(I wonder whether new KC head coach Herm Edwards can stop Larry Johnson from scoring.)

Last week he mentioned some sleepers.  This week those are not as obvious who is and isn't a potential low-round value.

However, he does list a group of "third-tier" RBs.

Reggie Bush, Domanick Davis, Julius Jones, Chester Taylor, DeShaun Foster, Willie Parker, Brian Westbrook and Reuben Droughns

To demonstrate how valauble RBs are, I would be surprised if most of those third-tier ones are available after the 5th round.

If that holds, then there won't be too many value RBs.  For myself, I wonder whether Jamaal Lewis will experience a resurgence with a real NFL QB, Steve McNair?  Who will start for the injured Domanick Davis in Houston?  Which Indy RB is the right one to draft?