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Eric Chavez

As someone who targeted Eric Chavez at this year's draft and let him go for $31 only to see him have a great start to the season (.301 AVG 9 HR 20 RBI), I admit to some schadenfreude  seeing him struggle so much since.

(I also admit to having suffered Chavez's abyssmal start to the 2005 season - at $41!)

With an equally abyssmal 3 months since that wonderful, MVP-inspiring (finally!), flower-inducing shower-filled month, he has stunk.

With that type of performance, he has cemented himself as a "worthless" fantasy player.  

I disagree.

With 3/4 of the season over, Chavez's full-season numbers will never look good.  However, I point out that he is 7 for his last 18 with a HR and 2 doubles.

Could this be a lucky 18 AB stretch?  Sure.  Could it mean he is over/adjusted to his physical issues?  Yes.

On that possibility, I suggest acquiring him for the final 40 games.  He will not cost anything and likely could be had for a non-active piece on your roster.

You could get lucky.