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Octavio Dotel

With a day/night doubleheader against the Red Sox today, the Yankees bullpen is ready to be ruined following the Yankees' debacle against the Orioles yesterday.

In it, Joe Torre brought recently activated reliever Octavio Dotel in for 2/3 of an inning in which Dotel gave-up 3 hits and two earned runs.

Coming off TJ surgery, this was the first tiem Dotel has pitched in back-to-back games.

Normally, I'd think Dotel would be given today off, but Torre doesn't tenderfoot any of his bullpen arms.  With a doubleheader today, I can see him going to him for an out or two.

Worse for the careers of the arms in the bullpen, Mike Myers threw 2+ innings yesterday with two Dave Ortiz ABs on the slate today and one in each of the following three games.

I see no way Myers isn't used in at least three of the five games versus the Red Sox.

On a positive note, Torre's triumvirate minus one didn't pitch yesterday.  Those three are locks for at least one appearance today.

No matter how I do the math, this 5-game series against the Red Sox has the makings of the weekend that destroyed the Yankees bullpen!

Update [2006-8-18 10:42:44 by Eric Hinz]: ESPN's Buster Olney sees the same thing Fake teams does:
Because the doubleheader in this series is today, it's almost a certainty that the bullpens of both teams will be worked into exhaustion through the weekend. Which makes the decisions made by Yankees manager Joe Torre during Thursday's game against the Orioles all the more puzzling...Myers...threw 2.1 innings...the last time Myers got seven outs in a game was June 12, 1999... you have to figure his stuff will be compromised today, and Villone's stuff will be compromised, for both games of the doubleheader...have a fairly accomplished left-handed hitter against whom you might want to use match-up lefties... Myers and Villone...The guy's name is David Ortiz